Seven Benefits Of Crafting For Older Adults

As our loved ones age, their eyes and hands often start to fail, and they may not think crafting is something they can continue to do. However, the physical benefits of crafting can compensate for the frustracraftingtions of stiff fingers or diminished vision.

Many are the crafts and hobbies enjoyed during their younger years, but often they give up on those hobbies as they believe they just ‘can’t’ do them anymore.  As a caregiver, you may wonder how you can encourage your loved one to engage in crafting again. There aren’t many crafts or hobbies that can’t be adjusted for certain physical limitations.  Then again, maybe it’s time to learn a new one.  Here are some health reasons to get them started in the right direction.

Crafting offers a wide range of physical benefits. Here are seven:

Joint fluidity: Enjoying continued joint fluidity makes grabbing the pots and pans to cook a healthy meal easier.  It could also mean taking a longer walk, or as simple as being able to lace up the sneakers without too much trouble.

Lowered blood-pressure:  A lower blood pressure reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.  Improved eye site, would then help their craft project be more enjoyable. Lowered blood pressure also helps to maintain healthy kidney function.

Social Connection:  Encourage your loved one to join a group that is doing the same sort of craft that is of interest to them.  Not only does being with others help fight off sadness and/or depression; it keeps their mind engaged as they carry on conversations with others.

Problem solving: When they run into a snafu on a project, or use the wrong color on a painting, figuring out how to adjust the project, or change the color is great brain power.

Learning and Teaching: When crafting in a group, everyone may not be doing the same thing.  Finding they can offer help to someone boosts their moral and learning a new craft may just the ticket to get them crafting again.

Teaches patience and perseverance:  With any skill, at any age, encountering problems can teach patience not only with the project, but also with themselves.   Another benefit is seeing the project through, even if there were struggles, offers a sense of pride.

Facilitates memory formation and retention:  Was that a knit one, or a pearl two?  Cast on or cast off?  Memory is one of the greatest gifts we have.  Crafting helps keeps the memory engaged.

Encouraging your loved one to craft and learning new skills keeps their brain cognitively engaged and learning new tasks can mean quality aging and years of additional independence for them.

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