Fall Prevention Awareness Day

FallsFree-200wToday is Fall Prevention Awareness Day. It is estimated that in the United States one third of seniors over the age of 65 and one half of seniors over the age of 80 will fall each year, resulting in medical costs exceeding $27 billion annually. Most falls are preventable so it’s important that caregivers and family members work with the elderly in their lives to ensure their home and surroundings are as save as possible. In an article called Seven Ways to Prevent Falls In the Home, we provided steps you can take to reduce the risk of a fall.

With autumn approaching at a fast pace, examine your home and those of the elderly to identify hazards. Consider risk factors such as poor eyesight, prior injuries that may cause walking problems, physical activity levels and other hazards.  As Baby Boomers age, the impact of a fall creates greater financial and emotional burdens. Education, examination and awareness is key to helping reduce the impact of falls and related injuries.

Download this Home Safety Checklist to help you identify fall hazards and accessibility issues.  Take the time today, or this week, to ensure your loved one’s safety!

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