Home Medical Alert Systems Supplement In-Home Caregiving

Your aging parent or other family member has made the decision to age at home or in an assisted living facility. This is more easily accomplished now than in the past, especially through the use of home medical monitoring systems and medical alert system. A medical alert pendant or bracelet automatically calls into LifeFone’s emergency response center and notifies the designated medical contacts. With more than 30 years in the industry, LifeFone is a trusted provider of security and safety in the event of falls or other risks that face seniors living at home or in an assisted living facility.

In many cases, though having a caregiver come into the home of your aging parent on a semi-regular basis help give the members of the family a break and also many caregivers provide medical care and supervision. Just as you spent time researching the type of home medical monitoring system to have installed, you will want to spend time interviewing and vetting caregivers before making any final decisions.

Look for a caregiver that offers:

Creative ways to keep the senior interested, alert and active: Whether it’s teaching skills to cope with living at home and remaining independent to keeping them active, motivated and engaged in everyday activities, find someone who will offer loving and engaging care.

Dedication to both the individual in their care and to the family: Just as the senior needs to trust and respect the caregiver, so too should the family members. Family should feel free to contact the caregiver with questions or concerns that arise. The caregiver should also be reliable and dedicated to the task at hand and to offering undivided attention to the individual in their care.

Exercising good judgment: Home healthcare providers need to exercise judgment and confidentiality when it comes to medical issues that arise with the individual in their care. They also need to know when to use judgment and talk with designated family members if there are medical concerns or changes in the behaviors of the individuals in their care.

Homecare, coupled with the technology and safety of a home medical alert system and the bracelets and pendants, offer your aging family members the ability to stay at home and retain their independence while providing peace of mind and 24 hour care and monitoring.

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