Mobile Apps that Aid Caregivers

Caregivers will be the first to tell you that they could benefit from more information or assistance regarding their caregiver role. Having help at the touch of button via their smartphones is a fast and effective way to gain more insight into their loved one’s situation and needs.

According to MarketWatch, more than 8,700 health-related apps are currently available for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry. If you are interested in receiving a little caregiver relief via your smartphone, the following apps are worth checking out:

  • Personal Caregiver: Available on the iPhone free of charge. Personal Caregiver tracks medications ensuring care recipients with multiple medications are given the proper dosage and are alerted of when care receivers need refills. This app also allows you to monitor the medications of up to three people in case you want to track your own medications or another family members. For $9.99 you can also receive FDA recall alerts and more detailed medication information.
  • Tell My Geo: Available on the Android for $9.95 a month. Tell My Geo is a personal-health-record app that allows health providers and emergency responders the opportunity to access the user’s medical history. This app also has a GPS locator so caregivers can track lost loved ones, this app is especially helpful for caregivers who are caring for those with Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Pain Care: Available on the iPhone and Android free of charge. This app helps translate the pain loved ones are feeling if they can no longer talk due to a medical condition. Patients can indicate pain levels by tapping on frowning or smiling faces in addition to the location of the pain and its duration. Medical professionals can access the app in order to adjust treatments and medications as needed.
  • iBiomed: Available for iPhone free of charge. The iBiomed app is a comprehensive app that acts as a one-stop-shop for caregiving that includes all of your loved one’s medical information. There is a mobile log book for prescriptions, supplements, diets, allergies; portable medical records; and a journal so you can easily access foods, behaviors, reactions etc. You can also share your stories with caregivers through an online forum.
  • Betty Crocker Cookbook: Available for iPhone. Caregivers preparing meals can access the app for menu planning that is suited to your loved one’s specific dietary and nutritional requirements.

The bevy of apps available for caregivers today is truly amazing, check out your smartphone for more information on these apps and others. And remember, before purchasing any app it is always a good idea to reference app reviews on reputable websites to ensure their safety and reliability.

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