Recommended Medical Alert Systems Discussed In Recent Health Newsletter

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A recent article in Harvard Medical School’s Harvard Health Letter addressed the subject of medical alert systems in their December 2013 issue. In a table in the article, they listed LifeFone as among five ‘medical alerting systems that come closest to the ideal.’ The newsletter stated, “Medical alerting devices are effective tools for people who want to live independently and safely in their own homes.”

The article went on the say that the devices are underused.  “Many older adults agree to use a device only after a medical emergency when they’ve been traumatized by the experience of being stuck in a bathtub, lying on the  floor, or suffering from a cardiac or neurological event,” says Barbara Moscowitz, a geriatric social worker at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital.”

The Harvard Health Letter also offered this advice.  “Alerting devices are ideal for people who live alone or spend time alone during the day, as well as people who’ve experienced a fall in the past, have a medical condition, or are limited in mobility. Individuals with mild memory impairment should be given a device as early as possible; if you wait until the person is more impaired, the individual may not be able to learn how to wear and use the device properly.”

Read the entire Harvard Health Letter.

Caregivers Connections knows that as people age, mobility and the ability to age in place can become an issue.  Most people would prefer to continue to live their lives in the family home or a second home of their choice rather than a nursing facility that provides round-the-clock care.  However, adult children often start to see their parents in a new light, not as vibrant and active as they once were and often with medical issues.  As families make many decisions that come with aging,  a medical alert system should be considered as a way to provide peace of mind and safety for loved ones. Consider a medical alerting system a must-have for aging family members to provide protection if a situation occurs rather than waiting until after an event has happened!  

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