Steps To Help Your Aging Relative Feel Young

As your parents age you may notice they don’t remember things as well as they used to and it is worrisome to think of them living alone. If your parents are suffering memory lapses it is quite possible they could turn on a stove, for example, and forget to turn it off. Trips and falls in the home are also a concern as your parents get older. There are many ways to deal with health issues and to make your parent’s home more senior-friendly; from age-proofing by removing trip and fall hazards to make the home more senior-friendly, to equipping it with a medical alert system, here are some ways you can work

with your parents to help them stay active, healthy and in good spirits:

  1. Develop new, better habits: As your parents age it is easy for them to fall into bad habits such as not brushing their teeth as often as they used to, not taking their vitamins or even neglecting personal hygiene. Make certain your parents are keeping up with their hygiene and that they’re not relying on take out foods or other junk food because they don’t want to be bothered with cooking. If cooking is becoming problematic for them, look into services in your community such as Meals-0n-Wheels. Remind them that their health is important.
  2. Lifelong learning: Urge your parents to get involved in community learning activities. Many communities offer free or low cost classes at senior centers or community colleges. Stimulating the mind will help improve memory and boost self-confidence.
  3. Laughter truly is the best medicine: Whether it’s watching funny movies, seeing a play or just visiting with friends or family, laughter will help improve memory, lower stress and blood pressure and can even protect against infection.
  4. Regular exercise is crucial: Even if your parents are housebound because of the weather, they can still get up and move around the house. A walk up and down the hallways is better than sitting on the couch all the time. Ask their doctor about exercise equipment they could purchase to help them stretch and get some cardiovascular activities while they’re at home.
  5. Friendship matters: Whether your parents are members of a church or attend classes or even go out for coffee on a regular basis, they should try to keep in touch with friends or even their siblings. Studies show that having six hours a day of social interaction helps people retain their mental acuity.

In addition to the above tips, your parents should stick to regular sleep routines even though they may need less sleep as they age, getting a full night’s sleep is crucial to good health. Keep in mind that your parents may feel more confident with moving around the house and living alone if they are equipped with a medical alert system. These devices offer both you and them peace of mind that if they suffer a fall or a medical emergency that medical help will be dispatched.

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