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Essential Oils

TdoTerra essential oilshe buzzword lately seems to be “essential oils” and the physical and mental healing properties they appear to offer to users. While this article is not a definitive guide to these oils, nor their healing properties, we did want to pass along essential oil information because many caregivers find that using oils like lavender can actually help calm and soothe them and even help them get a better night’s sleep!

When used correctly and in moderation, many individuals find that there are more benefits to essential oils than there are drawbacks. As with any natural supplement you need to be a label reader to assure that you’re getting “pure” oils and not oils with potentially harmful additives.

If you’re considering exploring the use of essential oils, here are a few safety guidelines:

  • Make sure the bottles are kept tightly closed and out of direct sunlight
  • Look for pure essential oils
  • Keep out of the reach of your pets and your children or grandchildren
  • The oils should never be used in your nose, eyes or ears

These oils can be used topically either by rubbing a drop on your skin or using them in essential oil diffusers so you can reap the aromatic benefits. There are some oils that can be taken internally and do have healing properties, but again if you’re not certain about the uses of these oils, you need to check with a medical professional or expert in essential oil use.

Using essential oils topically will usually involve your diluting them to avoid any skin sensitivity or irritation issues. The additives you will use to dilute your essential oils could include coconut oil, almond or olive oils. If you’re going to use an essential oil on your skin, you should “patch test” to assure you won’t have any adverse reaction to it.

Essential oils can be used in cooking, in some instances, in place of food flavorings such as lemon or orange. You can also use a few drops of lavender oil to add a flavorful touch to fresh squeezed lemonade.

Whether you purchase your oils on line or from a local supplier, make certain you’re asking for specific instructions on how to use them and that you follow the guidelines provided.   You should also search online for websites and blogs dedicated to the use of essential oils. Website such as doTerra and Young Living sell and educate consumers on these oils.