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Steps To Take In Preparation For Senior Home Care

Baby Boomers are being faced with the conundrum – what to do with my aging parent. You can certainly care for your senior relatives at their own home, but be aware that this takes planning and preparation. Undertaking a senior home care plan should be something that is discussed with all of the siblings and caregivers who will be at all involved in the process. If your parents are determined to remain independently at home, they too must be part of the solution to help make that happen.

  • One of the first items that should be reviewed is the conditions at home. Is the home that your aging loved ones are living in up to code? Is it cluttered? Does it need any remodeling to help it remain a viable option for them? Your assessment may mean you need to do a thorough cleaning, install seats and grab rails in the bathroom and shower and handrails throughout the home. Moving items from high level shelf space to lower level, easier to reach spots should also be done as well.
  • Location is another consideration. Are your parents in a location that is close to a hospital or other health care facility? Do they live a short distance from medical providers? If the home is isolated, they may need to consider a move to a more heavily populated area where access to health care is more readily available.
  • Are your parents able to live independently? Do either of them need consistent medical attention? If this is the case, they may need to move into an assisted living facility. If, however, they are able to live independent of full time assistance, perhaps they’d consider hiring a caregiver to come in several days a week to check that medications are being taken and to help with meal preparation. If you only have one parent to care for, is he or she truly capable of living alone? While it is difficult to consider giving up their independence, at times common sense must rule out.
  • Whether you’re looking to hire a caregiver or have the responsibility fall to a few of the relatives, what will be done when the caregiver has gone home for the day? You cannot predict when an illness or a slip and fall will occur and because of this, equipping the home with a medical monitoring device and your aging relative with a medical monitoring bracelet is an option that will offer peace of mind to both you and them.
  • Setting your aging relative up with the services such as those offered through LifeFone means there will be 24 hour a day, seven day a week assistance that is no further than the touch of a button. In the event something happens to the senior, they simply push a button and the customer care representatives at LifeFone ascertain the extent of the medical emergency, alert medical personnel and contact family members. With a medical alert bracelet or pendant you can rest assured that even when you can’t be there, your relative is truly not alone as long as they are wearing their medical alert pendant.