The Benefits Of Aging In Place

Moving is stressful for anyone at any age and that stress is amplified when a senior citizen needs to consider a move to a new home. Your aging relatives are accustomed to the family home and are comfortable with the location of items in the kitchen and the placement of the light switches and other familiar objects; it’s easy to see how a move to an assisted living facility could lead to increased stress.

As we age, the more stressful and dangerous, it can be to move to a new location. With care and diligence your relatives may be able to stay in the family home much longer than they’d been able to in the past.

Age-proofing the home with senior-friendly devices, proper layout of furniture and placement of items in cupboards are action items that can help your loved ones live safely at home.  Look at the home and its set up, with a critical eye. Perhaps having your parents relocate to a single floor of the home will ease fears of falling on the stairs. It may make sense to equip the bathroom with senior-friendly tub and shower set ups. Another reasonable step is to provide a medical alert system to help them in the event of a fall or medical emergency.

Some of the benefits of aging in place are:

  1. The feeling of being independent
  2. “Home” offers comfort, memories and personal belongings.
  3. Feeling the security of being in their familiar space.
  4. Familiarity with the community, neighborhood and block they live in. This increases safety as they navigate their normal routes while driving to the store, pharmacy or church.
  5. Cost savings (especially if the home is paid off) vs. cost of assisted living.

Help your loved one maintain a lifestyle that is healthy, active and rewarding by taking steps early to ensure they are doing all they can to remain independent.

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