The Elderly and Their Social Needs!

It’s an unavoidable fact of life that you will get older and with age sometimes comes a limited ability to be involved in the social activities you may have enjoyed in years past. As parents of young children, it’s likely that your life was very busy. This most likely was followed by an empty nest as which point you may have developed a social life completely your own!  However, as you age you may find yourself relying on your grown children, especially if you’re facing health issues. Simply because you’re aging doesn’t mean you need to pull a rocking chair out to porch and watch life pass you by. Staying active, both emotionally and physically, will help you age more productively.


While you have to accept and modify your life based on the aches and pains that come with old age, you certainly can remain active and viable. Remaining active will help you enjoy your Golden Years much longer and with more joy.


Whether your family lives close by or whether you’re involved in your church or other community activities, it’s important to have contact with “the outside world.” Isolation can lead to loneliness and depression. Staying in touch with friends and keeping up with current events will keep you more in touch with your surroundings and will also give you something to talk about when your family comes to visit. Social contact simply adds value to your life and gives you something to look forward to.


Consider teaching a class at a local senior center. If you have a passion for painting or a love of gardening or are an avid knitter or woodworker, ask whether you’d be able to teach a class. You can teach to your peers or even to the younger generation.


If your friends and family are scattered geographically you will want to try and keep in touch and you can do this through telephone calls, the exchange of letters or if you’re tech-savvy through email or even sites such as Skype.


Check with the YMCA for exercise classes for the elderly, talk with members of your church about activities in which you could become involved. Ask your church if it is in need of volunteers; this is a great way to stay involved and active.


Staying involved is simply healthy but regardless of how active you are, when you’re home alone you may want to talk to your family members about signing up for a home medical alert service and ask them to work with you to make certain your home has been “age proofed” to prevent any trip or fall hazards. A home medical alert device can also add to your safety, security and allow you to remain independent in your own home.



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