The Surprising Health Benefits Of Caffeine

For more than 125 million Americans, a cup of morning coffee helps them kick start the day and helps keep them going. Did you know though, that in addition to the boost caffeine provides, it can also boost your mood and even help fight off disease? There are some surprising health benefits to your morning cup of java that you may not have considered.

  1. Caffeine has been shown to help chase away the pain of a headache or toothache. The pain relieving effects of aspirin or ibuprofen are amped up when followed by a cup of coffee.
  2. Even though caffeine will cause your blood pressure an initial spike, the benefits of two cups per day may protect against heart failure. You should ask your doctor, though, whether it’s healthy for you to consume caffeine.
  3. Caffeine may make you more mentally alert. Caffeine can sharpen your memory, enhance your attention span and improve reaction time. Just as doing crossword puzzles or remaining physically active helps slow down the aging process, caffeine may also be a viable option.
  4. In addition to boosting energy and your mood, caffeine may also relieve certain arthritis conditions and may also lower the risk of suffering an attack of gout.
  5. A study in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that “coffee drinkers live 10-15% longer than non-coffee drinkers and are less likely to die early from disease.

If a morning cup of coffee or an afternoon cup of tea has been part of your daily routine, it appears  that caffeine can remain an enjoyable way to start the day.   Be sure to check with your doctor, however, before assuming caffeine is good for you!

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