Tips For Purchasing Your Medical Alert System

When an emergency situation arises, you aren’t usually able to pick up a phone and call for help, because of this it makes sense to equip your aging loved one with a home medical alert bracelet. Because trip and fall injuries are the biggest cause of injury and death among people 65-years-old or older, if they live alone and can’t get to a telephone to call for help, a simple fall could create a serious situation.

The number of elderly who desire to remain independent and age at home is increasing and this leads to a higher statistical probability that your aging loved one could be injured at home. If you don’t live close by and your aging relative doesn’t have someone who stops in to visit them on a daily basis, they could suffer a fall and not be discovered for days. Using a medic alert bracelet offers both of you peace of mind.

How do medical alert systems operate? A home medic alert system has a waterproof medical alert bracelet and a console. You can get a medic alert bracelet or pendant for your aging loved one and during an emergency situation such as a trip or fall, the person presses a button and it connects automatically to the monitoring company. This sets a flurry of activity in motion when the monitoring alert is activated. Customer service reps check on the individual and put the action plan in motion. 

What do you look for? When making a decision on a medical alert system there are several items you will want to keep in mind.

  1. What type of contract, if any, do you need to sign with the medical alert service provider? Does your provider offer a customizable emergency care plan?
  2. Does the service provider offer its own monitoring center? If so, this means you can rest assured that the individual who is on the system will receive quick, quality service.
  3. Do the customer service representatives have any specialized training to handle potentially critical situations?
  4. Does the service provider offer any assistance after you purchase to help guide you thru the process of installation or setting up the emergency medical information?
  5. Are you encouraged or offered periodic testing of the equipment? Testing helps ensure your medical alarm system is in perfect working order.
  6. Will your home medical alert monitoring system move with you if you have to move out of your home for a week or a season or longer? LifeFone moves along with you and can be reactivated by a simple phone call once you arrive at the new location.

You never want to compromise on the quality of service you’re purchasing for your aging loved one when it comes to a home medical monitoring system. There’s no way to put a price on the peace of mind you’re

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