Why Exercise Is Important As You Age

Does your need for exercise diminish as you age? Not at all, health experts say. As a matter of fact, the elderly need to remain active as a way to stay healthy, be able to age in place and prevent their muscles from atrophying because of insufficient activity. Additionally, keeping blood flowing to vital organs and the brain enhance life and health.

Lack of muscle tone and a non-productive active lifestyle can also lead toward depression and inactivity can make your aging relatives more prone to trip and fall accidents.  If you can impress upon your aging relatives the need for activity, they may be able to age in place and with the addition of a home medical alert device, this ability to stay safely at home is further enhanced.

Before beginning any type of exercise routine, you should check with a physician to make certain they’re healthy enough. For even the most sedate of individuals simply getting up and moving around or taking short strolls around the house is better than remaining sedentary. An exercise routine, to be effective, should be strenuous enough to generate blood flow and work the muscles without putting undue strain on the joints. A swim routine, if there is a pool available, is ideal for working out without putting stress on muscles and joints that may be ravaged by arthritis.

One of the main goals of any kind of an exercise program is to provide adequate exercise to maintain muscle mass and a general feeling of well-being. When you consider that getting up and moving around will help improve balance and overall health, simply getting up and walking could help prevent falls and broken bones. Getting into a habit of taking a daily, or even every other day, walk with the seniors in your life is a great bonding activity for the both of you and will also help assure they don’t suffer a fall if they’re out walking alone.

Many senior centers provide workout programs geared specifically to individuals in this age group and these programs are not only a great way to work out in a supportive environment but it is a great way for your senior to get out of the house and socialize.

Working out will enhance your seniors’ appetite, which wanes as they age; don’t forget to stock their homes with heart healthy food choices and fresh fruits and vegetables.


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